Points to consider when you respond to the CA-U Sub Area A CPZ proposal

Why were residents and businesses on the Haringey side of the High Street not consulted, or even notified?

Why was the requirement ignored in the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan for Camden and Haringey councils to work together over issues affecting Highgate?

What evidence was produced that the proposals will achieve the Council’s environmental aims, and how was this balanced against the potential damage to life and work in Highgate?

The consultation showed a majority in favour of keeping the current hours which Camden has ignored. A majority is a majority.

If more High Street businesses close as a result, won’t this lead to more car journeys to shop?

Camden Council could work with Haringey to find a holistic solution which addresses the needs of the whole of Highgate.

Better alternatives: E.g. a joint Haringey-Camden parking zone, a review of double and single yellow lines to free up parking spaces, less draconian hours of operation, controls only on the most affected streets (as in Priory Gardens), joint usage bays for business and residents.